To the Lesser Crime

Well, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, did it? In fact, wasn't there a little Phil Mickelson 60 degree wedge back spin on that golden delicious as it landed? Jesse Jr. seems to have been born with an inherent disrespect for ethics and a sharp desire to work the edges and cracks of the system. This apple's DNA easily traced to the tree. The Jesse Jackson Jr. narrative proceeds thusly. He was tempted with the campaign money to live the large life. We are told he is human and that the temptation to which he yielded could have snared any one of us. He bought a Rolex watch and other items. Who got hurt? By the end of the tale Jesse becomes the mere victim of understandable desires and a mysterious mental condition. It could happen to anyone. But is this not the old shell game of surrendering to the lesser of a choice of criminal prosecutions? Recall back in June of 2012, Jackson's "bipolar" condition was revealed within a week of his old friend Raghuveer Nayak being arrested on...(Read Full Post)