There's Jell-O, and then there's McDonnell and Christie

Virginia Attorney General and the commonwealth's all-but-certain Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli needs to send a big box of Shari's Berries to Bob McDonnell, the commonwealth's GOP governor. McDonnell gave Cuccinelli a gift of a tax hike (the largest in Virginia's history) that offers the attorney general a golden opportunity to be an insurgent, provide leadership to conservatives across the country, and retake the ossified GOP. Then there's Chris Christie, who Ann Coulter once publicly -- and shamelessly -- pushed for president. Christie is twisting and bending like three hundred pounds of Atlantic City saltwater taffy to "reach across the aisle" to expand Medicaid (as part of a $32.9 billion budget proposal). Christie's Medicaid decision only helps enable ObamaCare, which Christie claims he still opposes. Christie is up for reelection in the Garden State. Skip the Shari's Berries for Christie; overtaxed Jerseyites can't afford it (and neither can the governor's...(Read Full Post)