The Truth Be Dimmed

Maybe Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house -- but on my front porch, every morning, a view of Pravda-style reporting rolled up in the form of my local paper awaits me.  In Kentucky, many conservatives jokingly call Louisville's paper, The Courier-Journal, the "The Communist Journal."   The liberal bias -- glaringly evident not just on the editorial page, but in the headlines, picture choices, placement of articles, and content -- is undeniable. Since I routinely catch up on the news via the Internet before opening the paper, I have found that it is the topics that the Courier doesn't report on at all that are the most damning. Whether due to censored content or lack of advertising revenue, the paper has lately gotten so small, the slightest wind blows it off porches, littering neighborhood yards with environmentally-friendly, recyclable bags. Now, it appears the C-J will become even skinnier and more liberal.  According to The Daily Caller, the paper's only...(Read Full Post)