The true cost of immigration reform

From the new CBO Report: "Any immigration package in which current illegal immigrants are made eligible for Obamacare - in the form of either exchanges or Medicaid - could increase costs to the federal government by between $120 billion to $200 billion in its first decade....." As the report indicates, most illegal immigrants' income are below the poverty line.They will immediately qualify for all of those programs as soon as their status is legalized. So my question is really simple:  Has anyone explained to Hispanos that they will have to pay higher taxes to pay for the legalization of these individuals? Hispanos, like everybody else, are learning that Obama Care was too good to be true.  It was never debated properly or submitted to a minimum economic analysis.  It was a bunch of promises based on "class warfare" assumptions of the rich paying their fair share. Are you listening Hispanos?  It will take higher taxes to legalize 10...(Read Full Post)