The Great Man Speaks

Every time I hear a speech from Barack Obama, I can't help but feel how unworthy we are as a country, and when I watched the SOTU, I became racked with guilt at how much of a disappointment we are to him as subjects. Yet, still he soldiers on in what has to be an unrewarding task -- the redemption of a nation and a people. Barack Obama is clearly our conscience and the culmination of our collective hopes and dreams. His SOTU speech may have been nothing new, something for everyone on the left, but you have to admire the man for his consistency and pluck.  Just because his palate of preferred policies have never worked and are in fact failing the nation at this very moment, he insists we try more of the same. Because, after all, there is no problem too big that we cannot spend our way out of it. You would almost think that the President was not present for the first 4 years of his Presidency. Sure, he wasn't as inspiring as he has been in the past.  But, how many...(Read Full Post)