Still more UN hypocrisy

CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Mideast Reporting in America) exposes more of the ongoing hypocrisy of the UN that other media outlets won't. "Iran leads the world in executing child offenders," CAMERA asserts. So which country was elected to UNICEF's (United Nations Children's Fund) to its leadership bureau? Why Iran of course. Yep, children across America go trick or treating on Halloween for UNICEF to enable Iran to execute other children. But Iran is in good company on UNICEF's board which includes China, of the infamous one-child policy with its attendant high infant abandonment rate, Russia, of the hellish orphanages, and Pakistan, where they pull young girls who want to be educated off buses and shoot them in the head. Since the 1979 revolution Iranian women have been forced to cover up in public with head scarves and long coats, are not allowed to travel outside the country without the permission of their husband, father or other male guardian and are victimized by honor...(Read Full Post)