Some on the left cheering on LA cop killer

Some on the left are finding it easy to support the "manifesto" issued by LA fugitive cop killer Chris Dorner. But there are others who support the man himself and even others who support what he's doing. And they call the right crazy? Here are a few tweets: Is it wrong that I'm rooting for Christopher Dorner? I know the media is portraying him as a nut job but I feel like he's telling the truth. Best of luck to Chris Dorner, ex-LAPD, anti-cop, killing americas corrupt police officers My thoughts are with you Chris Dorner. I know you are not evil. #GoDornerGo #FTP #FLAPD If I was you..I would read Christopher Dorner really tells what we already know bout LAPD!! A MAN WITH MORALS AND A HERO. A REAL REBEL WITH A CAUSE! THIS MAN IS STANDING UP FOR A CAUSE HE... The article points out that Americans have a strange love affair with outlaws. Abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolph was a hero to some on the right. The Symbionese Liberation Army were folk heroes after...(Read Full Post)