Some good and bad news from Mexico

Last week, I was speaking with a Mexican friend.  He told me that things are going well in Mexico, as long as you don't run into violence on the way to the job interview. Yes, the Mexican economy is doing well.  Mexico is benefiting from some good economic stewardship, from Pres Zedillo in the mid-1990's to the very market oriented policies of President Calderon.  Mexico has now had 3 consecutive presidencies without the kind of populism that the left preaches. Furthermore, a good Mexican economy will keep Mexicans home, a big plus for our own immigration reform conversations. Mexico joins Chile, Colombia and now Peru  in implementing growth oriented policies, such as free trade agreements and encouraging foreign investment.  They are success stories. In Mexico, it looks like the new president is determined to follow the path of Chile too. So far, it looks like a "new PRI" is back in Mexico.  The new PRI is doing what the...(Read Full Post)