Sexual Anarchy on Valentine's Day

Gone are the days when Valentine's Day meant only flowers, cards, candy and romantic dinners. Now it's a very costly epidemic of sexually-transmitted diseases, the promotion of same-sex marriage, abortion and contraception here in the U.S. and overseas, and billboards advertising "hook-ups." And, of course, flowers, cards, candy and romantic dinners. First, from The Washington Times: The Centers for Disease Control released a new report this month revealing the U.S. health care system handles roughly 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections annually, costing the nation $15.6 billion. The report says that sexually transmitted infections are taking a 'severe human and economic burden' on the United States. There are currently 110 million cases in the country, with half of those affecting young adults ages 15 to 24.... So much for government-funded Planned Parenthood's sex education programs.  Second, from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute: A...(Read Full Post)