Rubio's 'Watergate' triumph?

Marco Rubio's handling of the media overkill on his awkward sip of water during his response to the State of the Union address is emerging as a net plus for him, and an embarrassment for the media which became hysterical on the subject - particularly CNN and MSNBC. The first question to consider is whether or not the public really wants a totally smooth presentation in its politicians. Several talking heads noted after the gaffe that Rubio made a rookie mistake, in trying to maintain eye contact with the camera, as he stretched to reach the awkwardly placed bottle of Poland Spring water.  OK, so we have a young up-and-comer who is not a polished media expert. Is that somethign the public finds horrifying? Or could it be considered even a little bit endearing? The second question is the effect of Rubio's handling of the gaffe. Unquestionably, his handling has been almost flawless - combining honest chagrin with a plucky determination to do better. He came across as someone who...(Read Full Post)