Rev Jesse Jackson Senior feels Christopher Dorner's pain

Fresh from publicly inserting himself into the shooting death of another young black Chicago adolescent, this time a student who had, a few days earlier, returned home after participating in the inaugural festivities with her school's marching band, Rev Jesse Jackson Senior, one of the nation's self appointed black pastors, jumped into the widely publicized case of alleged Los Angeles cop killer plus other murders.   While uncharacteristically quiet about federal charges against his politician son and politician daughter in law, Jackson shot out a tweet and a longer Facebook message to Christopher Dorner feeling his pain...and then asking him to turn himself in to one of Jackson's self appointed representatives.   I understand your feelings of hurt and pain. I make this plea to you to stop spreading the pain, the hurt, and the fear. Please stop. Don't take any more lives. Christopher, your mother is distraught and deeply concerned for your safety. There are many good and...(Read Full Post)