The Consensus That Doesn't Matter

"The science is settled." Those are the words Al Gore spoke to Congress in 2007 on the topic of Catastrophic Man Made Global Warming. And of course, the man who, in his own words again to CNN's Wolf Blitzer stated, "I took the initiative in creating the internet," should be paid the greatest of heed. The dismissal of any debate whatsoever by claiming an unquestionable mandate is nothing new to the Left. Whereas one who is very sure of the intellectual and moral grounding of their argument welcomes opposing positions, confident that they will be roundly dispatched, one not so sure demands that any who hold opposing views be forced to remain totally silent. Still, given that in the six years since Mr. Gore delivered his words to Congress Britain's MET office has been forced to admit through gritted teeth that in fact there has been no statistically significant increase in global mean temperatures for the past 16 years -- something equivalent to the president of PETA admitting she likes...(Read Full Post)