Pakistan's Shias under attack as bomb kills 90

There have been several bombs targeting Pakistan's minority Shia population in recent weeks, the latest killing at least 90 in a crowded market. A massive explosion on Saturday at a crowded market in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta killed 80 to 90 people and wounded nearly 200, primarily Shi'a Muslims (NYT, LAT, AP, ET, CNN, Reuters, BBC). The attack took place in an area dominated by the city's minority Hazaras, a Shi'a sect that is often the target of violent sectarian attacks by Sunni extremists. Hundreds of Hazara women staged a sit-in on Sunday to protest the blast, refusing to bury their dead until authorities pledged to hunt down the perpetrators (NYT, AP, ET, Dawn, BBC). And thousands of Shi'a Muslims protested across Pakistan on Monday, demanding that the country's security forces protect them from violent Sunni extremists (Post, AP, The News, DT, ET, Dawn). News reports in Pakistan say the devastating bombing could have been prevented if military...(Read Full Post)