Only China can curb North Korean nuclear ambitions

The Chinese and North Koreans are allies for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that about a million Chinese died defending the NoKo's during the Korean war. That blood connection has cemented an uneasy friendship that some Chinese would dearly love to change, but that current circumstances make it difficult to do so. Telegraph: Although North Korea depends on China for aid and trade, and despite repeated declarations of friendship by both sides, the North Koreans that I knew really did not like the Chinese, whom they regarded as rude, bullying, fond of eating the most disgusting things and with unfortunate personal habits. I once asked a friend whether they minded working with foreigners. They replied that they liked western foreigners, and found them polite and good company. "Not like Chinese", they said, shuddering. My contacts with China suggest that this dislike is reciprocated. Some have told me that they find North Koreans mendacious and...(Read Full Post)