On Giving Pro-Obama Military Veterans a Pass

President Obama, the press, and several senators have praised Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel's military service as a qualifier for the job.  White House officials believe that Republicans would find it difficult to vote against a war hero.  Obama: "With Chuck, our troops will always know, just as Sergeant Hagel was there for his own brother, Secretary Hagel will be there for you."  NY Times, Myra McPherson claimed that as "a grunt who has seen war from the trenches," Hagel would not plunge America recklessly into war the way Donald Rumsfeld did.  Mr. Hagel would be the first enlisted combat veteran to be defense secretary. Others who have plunged America into war -- like the former defense secretaries Robert S. McNamara and Donald H. Rumsfeld, both former officers -- had never fought in combat."  Senator McCain:  "I just want to make it clear, Senator Hagel is an honorable man. He has served his country, and no one on this Committee, at any time,...(Read Full Post)