Of Carnival Triumph, Media, and Lawyers

Did you see all those body bags leaving the tortured Carnival Cruise ship Triumph in the news reports? No? How about the long lines of grieving family members lamenting the devastating loss of life? No? Never mind. The facts are plain. The Triumph disaster is one for the ages, as they all too readily say. To be sure, we have learned once again that life is fragile, and not just life -- hope is lost as well. For surely this tragedy highlights the sad truth of an existence so excruciating that even vacations can be lost to the cruel gods of remorseless fate. Pardon the facetiousness, but this latest media event has so exposed the ridiculous nature of "news coverage" that it naturally leads one to excess. And what excess! I laughed so hard on day one of the coverage when the nitwit reporter dude on CNN said, in a breathless dramatic fashion, that on top of all the carnage and devastation wrought by the power outage on board, the ship could also expect "six foot seas!" He said this as if...(Read Full Post)