Obama's Sequestration

Obama meant to use this word. The MSM intends to never define it. The devil is in the details, or rather in the legal definition. With that in mind, I wonder why the media (either side) hasn't bothered to look up the legal definition of the word "Sequestration'? According to Blacks Law (there's a joke in there somewhere) Sequestration is "A writ authorizing the taking into the custody of the law of the real and personal estate of a defendant who is held in contempt and holding the same until he shall comply." It gets even more interesting if you find the history of Sequestration. Quoting Wikipedia In 1643, near the start of the English Civil War, Parliament set up two committees; the Sequestration Committee which confiscated the estates of the Royalists who fought against Parliament; and the Committee for Compounding with Delinquents which allowed Royalists whose estates had been sequestrated, to compound for their estates - pay a fine and recover their estates - if they...(Read Full Post)