Obama wants sequestration deal that includes revenue

More can kicking from Obama on sequestration. He is evidently going to milk this situation for all it's worth for as long as he can. Republicans should try to prevent that. Some liberals are saying that Congress should chuck sequestration altogether. The congress needs to repeal the sequester and pretend like it never happened. It was just a stupid, temporary face-saving exercise from the disastrous budget negotiations of 2011. It's not "real" and the pretense that it is becomes more ridiculous every day. Witness the Tea Partiers: if they are serious about it you know it must be absurd. Some of the sequestered cuts are draconian and will not only hit defense very hard, but there are other vital government programs - FDA, NOAA, OSHA - that would suffer cuts in their budgets that would make it very difficult for them to do their jobs. Those agencies, and others, directly affect the health and safety of Americans and the idea that the GOP is perfectly content to allow these...(Read Full Post)