New Words for the Media

Christopher Dorner is the ex-LAPD officer who went on a revenge rampage, killing several people before shooting himself in a cabin in Big Bear, California.  Nationwide news. NBC News"...detailed the extent of the arsenal that Dorner had with him in his final days...Among the items recovered from the cabin where Dorner died and other locations and vehicles were numerous assault weapons; semi-automatic hand guns; a .308 caliber, bolt action sniper-rifle; high capacity ammunition magazines..."  Sniper rifle? The media are learning firearms nomenclature.  As new words are incorporated into their vocabularies, each category of firearms receives a promotion in implied lethality.  Semi-automatic rifles, in use for 100 years, have become assault weapons.  The term semi-automatic has gained ominous overtones by the association with "assault rifles."  Pistols are semi-automatic too and are on the threshold of being included in the two minute hate with "assault...(Read Full Post)