Medicaid Expansion -- the New Wealth Killer

It is clear that the Democrats win by creating constituents. They use the ObamaPhones, Food Stamps, and other freebies to accomplish exactly this. The American people are all the while screaming "stop!" But they also scream, "just don't stop mine." The evidence that public money poured out indiscriminately fosters continued government dependence is undisputed. Although not all government entitlements should be considered welfare, all entitlement programs are from the government. Most individuals drawing social security checks and Medicare benefits are justifiably recovering the dollars they paid in to support the system. That distinction is important. With the future growth of government services available to the public, it is imperative that we know what is actually happening to Medicaid. Let me explain. Currently to receive Medicaid coverage in most states the individual has to qualify under many different eligibility factors. This is done because most Medicaid programs are limited...(Read Full Post)