Lost in Obama's America

I've always tried to do the right thing.  I have never spent a second in jail.  Was a good student and didn't skip school.  I worked to earn spending money from the time I was in 6th grade, mowing lawns, shoveling snow and babysitting. I grew up an Army brat and went to West Point, then served my five-year commitment as an Army officer.  Honorably discharged.    I got married and raised three children.  Bought my first house while still in my twenties.  Moved up to better dwellings as I could afford to and never overextended myself.  Never took out an Adjustable Rate Mortgage because I wanted to know I could afford the payments.  I paid off my last two houses and owe nothing on them but taxes. I worked full-time and occasionally supplemented that income with side jobs.  I started saving money, little by little, and managed to build up an investment portfolio to take care of myself in my senior years, which are now just...(Read Full Post)