Life without Father

The research continues to affirm it.  The statistics highlight it.  But actually reading what young people have to say about the reality of missing dads and overworked but caring mothers confirms it.  There is no pretense, and the pain is evident. After assigning Langston Hughes's "Thank You Ma'm" and Anthony Brandt's "My Grandmother: A Rite of Passage" to my college composition class, I asked them to select one of the following writing choices. Describe a person who has acted as a mother to you.  Even though she may not be your biological mother, what makes you see her as a mother-figure?  Why do you view her as special? Do outside research on the importance of fathers in children's lives.  How do mothers and fathers differ in their parenting styles?  Why is a father important in a daughter's life?  In a son's life?  Be very specific and make sure you cite your research. How has the loss of a parent affected your outlook on...(Read Full Post)