Liberals, Get Over It: Police Heroes. Dorner Scum!

The obese older Baltimore City cop, sweating profusely, was extremely winded after racing up the eight steps behind his thinner younger partner into my cousin's townhouse.  They were responding to a 911call by my cousin's wife.  She also called me to the scene.  My cousin Ed, suffering with depression and a nervous breakdown, had his two toddler sons in the basement, threatening to kill the boys and himself.  The young officer was pretty aggressive.  Taking far too long to catch his breath, the veteran cop coached his partner to back off. "Son, I know you are hurting really bad right now. But, you do not want to do this..."  Remarkably, the wise old white cop talked my black cousin out of the basement, surrendering without violence.  My cousin received the help he needed.  This incident happened 40 years ago. Thirty years ago, Mary and I were suddenly surrounded by police cars at a stop light in Baltimore County.  A black/white couple had...(Read Full Post)