Lars Hedegaard Speaks to the Danish Free Press Society

Lars Hedegaard, a portrait of courage, tenacity, and wit, under even the most trying circumstances, delivered a remarkable address to the Danish Free Press Society on Thursday 2/21/13, just over two-weeks after surviving an assassination attempt. The video with English subtitles is embedded below, and a transcript provided thanks to Gates of Vienna.   Here are two extracts which capture Hedegaard's sense of humor, and truth-telling, both unvanquished: So I was both pleased and proud to hear that one police officer said that the assassination attempt could possibly be motivated by jealousy. One could perhaps imagine that the approximately 25-year-old gunman's wife or one of his wives has a soft spot for me, which then prompted the desperate husband to shoot his rival... In this country one is able to without the slightest risk stand up and pronounce that of course Sharia will be introduced with everything that it implies in terms of barbaric punishment and repression. One...(Read Full Post)