Kerry promotes climate change in first speech

Syria is in flames, al-Qaeda is on the loose in Mali, Egypt is being Islamicized, North Korea has unleashed its nuclear program, Iran soon will, China is preparing to wage cyber war against us, Putin is giving us the finger... And our new Secretary of State used his first major speech to promote climate change. The Hill: John Kerry used his first major speech as secretary of State to make that case that failing to confront climate change means missing big economic opportunities -- and worse."If we waste this opportunity, it may be the only thing our generation -- generations -- are remembered for. We need to find the courage to leave a far different legacy," Kerry said in a wide-ranging address Wednesday at the University of Virginia.Kerry again signaled that he hopes to use his role as top diplomat to promote green energy technologies, arguing they can provide a major boost to U.S. industries in the "next great revolution in our marketplace." He also cited the prospect of...(Read Full Post)