It's the Vanishing Ink, Stupid

We have all tried labeling the things that make the Obama administration troubling. This president was never sufficiently vetted and many questions remain unanswered. Everything about him is suspect. If he were any other president, especially a Republican he would not be in office. The truth about his birth certificate, college records, selective service documents, and radical associations are well hidden. To even raise these legitimate questions, is to be vilified. Not only are their questions about President Obama's past, we wonder about his integrity in the present. He has voided or modified almost every confidence he has given the legislature and the American people. He dishonored his signed agreement on abortion in ObamaCare. He has changed his stance on gay marriage and his claims that he will not take our guns ring hollow. How can he be trusted? The Republicans never seem to win the argument or the battle. Maybe it is because they are tempered to take the president (any...(Read Full Post)