Islamists' Primary Target

Two articles that appeared yesterday reveal an astonishing lack of historical perspective.  Both of them were written by people for whom I have a great deal of respect, Jonathan Tobin and Andrew McCarthy. Tobin and McCarthy point to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 as "The Day the War on America Began"-- to use the title of Tobin's article.  According to Tobin, Exactly 20 years ago on this date, a terrorist attack at the World Trade Center took the lives of six people and injured more than a thousand others. The tragedy shocked the nation but, as with other al-Qaeda attacks in the years that followed, the WTC bombing did not alter the country's basic approach to Islamist terrorism. For the next eight and a half years, the United States carried on with a business-as-usual attitude toward the subject. The lack of urgency applied to the subject, as well as the disorganized and sometimes slap-dash nature of the security establishment's counter-terrorist operations, led to...(Read Full Post)