If Rahm is Superman, Chicago must be made of Kryptonite

Chicago is rated the 4th most miserable city in America. There is still work to do to pass Detroit, Flint and Rockford. Keep it going, Rahm.  It makes more sense to me now why Rahm may want to run for President.  Of course, his brother Ezekiel was one of the creative artists who designed Obamacare.  He may need something new to ruin as well. California's public pension system is in bad shape. But it looks great next to Illinois, which has a 50% larger long term pension shortfall in a state with one third the population of California.  I am sure the Democratic leaders of the state legislature in Springfield are up to the task of pension reform. **** Bob Woodward, the longtime liberal editor, columnist, and author has greatly upset the rest of the 4th estate and the Obama administration by arguing that tax increases were not envisioned as a replacement for the sequester, coming this Friday, and hardly as calamitous as advertised. In the next six months, the...(Read Full Post)