Hugo Chavez still alive

He's got a great, big grin on his face and he's reading a recent Cuban newspaper. But Hugo Chavez still doesn't look very healthy and the fact that they've gone to all this trouble to print a picture of him reading a recent newspaper after two months of not seeing hide nor hair of him, raises questions about whether he's closer to death than they are letting on. USA Today: "After two months of a complicated post-operative process, the patient remains conscious with his intellectual functions intact," Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said, adding that Chávez is in close communication with his Cabinet. Chávez has not been seen nor heard from since a fourth cancer operation in Havana on Dec. 11. The six-hour operation led to complications including a pulmonary infection and unexpected bleeding, the government has said. The Chávez regime in Caracas has been tight-lipped about the president's well-being. What little information had been released was vague and in some cases...(Read Full Post)