Hollywood ratifies Obama alliance

Last night's Academy Awards made political history, surprising the claimed one billion viewers with an appearance by a gowned Michelle Obama via satellite from the White House to present the Best Picture Oscar┬«.   While anyone who pays attention knows that Hollywood has become source of funds, propaganda, and social ties for the progressive movement, the institutional body language was startling. It was a symbolic form of vassalage, signifying the switch of the entertainment industry from a mission of speaking truth to power (see Reagan and Bush presidencies) to one of support. We no longer tap shoulders with swords, we swoop in on the top award of the most prestigious event of the entire entertainment industry, and award it from the presidential palace. Speaking of that venue, who were those young men and woman wearing uniforms with braids, framing Mrs. Obama?   I don't know much about uniforms, but they look kind of military to me. If that's the case, what kind of...(Read Full Post)