Hezb'allah fighters killed in clash with Syrian rebels

Hezb'allah terrorists have assisted President Assad's forces in the Syrian civil war almost from the beginning. But they managed to keep a low profile and were rarely seen on the battlefield. Now comes news that three Hezb'allah terrorists have been killed in action with Syrian rebels near the Lebanese-Syrian border. Los Angeles Times: Several Hezbollah fighters were reported killed inside Syria this past weekend in the latest indication that combatants from the Lebanese-based group have battled Syrian rebels seeking to overthrow President Bashar Assad. The Beirut-based English language Daily Star reported that three Hezbollah fighters and 12 Syrian rebels were killed in fierce clashes just inside Syria, close to the Lebanese-Syrian border. The confrontations occurred near the Syrian town of Qusayr, the Star reported, quoting a Lebanese security source. The border area has long been a battlefield between the Syrian military and anti-government insurgents. The region is an...(Read Full Post)