Gun rights betrayal

Their official name is the Richmond County Tea Party Patriots -- and they arguably put Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY) in office twice, first in 2010 when Tea Party supported this U.S. Marine veteran for the U.S. House, and again in 2012. Grimm won the 2010 general election for his district which covers both parts of New York City's Staten Island and Brooklyn with 51 percent of the vote.  Grimm won the 2012 general election for the post-Census New York 11th District with 52.8 percent of the vote.  One doubts Michael Grimm could have gotten into office in this "purple" District without Tea Party members and other conservatives voting for him in high numbers. But something happened to make Richmond County Tea Party Patriots and other local residents of this mostly small town-appearing and old fashioned neighborly borough of Staten Island come to the New Dorp office of Cong. Grimm this past Saturday (the NY Police moved the protesters across the street in front of a local...(Read Full Post)