Grow Up, S. E. Cupp

What can be said about S.E. Cupp? Plenty, as Jeffrey Lord does at the American Spectator. S.E. Cupp has gone on record again in attacking Rush Limbaugh in the New York Times Magazine (where better?). Lord is at his methodical best dissecting Cupp's -- shall we say, vacuity -- and the vacuity of other self-styled young conservatives quoted in the Times article. As Lord writes: Are they [Cupp and colleagues] really conservatives -- or just the latest, newest incarnation of that age old 20th century invention: the GOP moderate? The newest sparkling edition of a wannabe Ruling Class? Making the rounds of the bar scene in Manhattan and New York and longing to be hip? Hip would certainly seem to make Cupp's checklist. But I would add to Lord's remarks that Cupp's career largely hinges on celebrity -- celebrity, a totem of the modern age. People who make their livings off celebrity have a need to stay current, stay in the public eye. Picking a fight with Limbaugh, the dean of...(Read Full Post)