Fox News Dumps Morris, Renews Rove

Dick Morris is gone from Fox News.  Meanwhile, Karl Rove has been given a new multiyear contract.  But why? A Fox News spokesman said only that the network chose not to renew Morris' contract.  It's not hard to figure out why.  Morris was glaringly wrong on the outcome of the 2012 presidential contest, predicting often and loudly that Mitt Romney would win in a romp.  Funny thing is that Karl Rove was conspicuously wrong about the presidential results, too.  Rove just wasn't as vociferous as Morris, except on Election Night.  Even respected conservative elections analyst and commentator Michael Barone called the presidential sweepstakes for Romney.  Barone is a Fox News contributor.  Rove is currently involved in a dust up with conservatives over his new PAC, the oddly named Conservative Victory Project.  Oddly named because the project isn't designed to elect more conservatives to the U.S. Senate (the Senate is the focus of the PAC's...(Read Full Post)