Fourteen Points for the Palestinians

In almost all the rhetoric directed against the State of Israel and its citizens for their alleged oppression of Palestinians, there is rarely, if ever, more than token perfunctory concern for the welfare of those Palestinians or any real interest in what might be deemed desirable positive behavior on their part. It might be useful to suggest to the individuals and groups who are eagerly engaging in anti-Israeli utterances and behavior that they consider what positive actions the Palestinians and their leaders might take that would lead to a better life for them. 1. The creation of a democratic society in which there is freedom of expression and assembly.  Everyone should be entitled to comment on and criticize political leaders and their policies and existing political and social conditions without fear of consequent retribution. Human rights should be respected, and torture and terrorism should be ended. 2. The society should protect women and accord them equal rights. 3. The...(Read Full Post)