Failed Assassination Attempt Against Lars Hedegaard

The intrepid, erudite journalist/historian Lars Hedegaard, head of the Danish Free Press Society, whose free speech travails I have written about here, miraculously survived an assassination attempt earlier today in a Copenhagen suburb. According to the English version of the Copenhagen Post, police commissioner Lars-Christian Borg, stated A man shot at the victim but he missed and the bullet went over his head. When he tried to fire again, the pistol clicked and the assailant ran away. The initial description of the events that transpired, including details curiously omitted thus far from the mainstream media accounts, have been posted at Tundra Tabloids: Someone calls on Hedegaard's door (he lives in the apartment building in Frederiksberg). A man says he has a package for Hedegaard. Hedegaard goes down (or shut the man up to his door?) to receive the package. There is a young Arabic-looking man aged 20-25 years. Hedegaard receives the packet, then the man...(Read Full Post)