EPA covert email system scandal deepens

Something is very rotten at the Environmental Protection Agency, and you can tell because they are resisting full disclosure of the communications that took place illegally.  The EPA imposes enormous costs on the economy through use of its bureaucratic discretion, so a scandal in which the agency illegally impeded public access to its official communications is serious. There is potential for major abuse. Last Friday, under court order, the agency released a tranche of 1,200 pages in response to a lawsuit by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Chris Horner of the CEI uncovered the first sign of the secret communications channel when he was researching his book, "The Liberal War On Transparency," when he came across emails to and from "Richard Windsor" that were in fact from Jackson. Jackson resigned her post in December last year when a court ordered her to release all Richard Windsor emails.  By using an alias, these emails were not discoverable in Freedom of Information...(Read Full Post)