EPA caught sabotaging fracking

Once again, government misbehavior is coming to light, this time involving the Environmental Protection Agency, and we can thank the inspector general program -- which President Obama would like to gut. I have written numerous columns regarding President Obama's War against Inspectors General. These are the taxpayer advocates within various government agencies who seek to ensure that fraud, waste and abuse of power is prevented. Hence, Obama determined opposition to them that has gone to such lengths as character assassination, attempts to form a new $30 billion-dollar agency without an Inspector General, failing to replace Inspectors General when they depart. Now comes news that again illustrates the reasons Obama has tried to gut the Inspector General program: one is investigating possible abused or power at the EPA as part of its crusade against energy producers. Lachan Markay at the Washington Free Beacon  reports:  A federal watchdog is investigating Environmental...(Read Full Post)