Dr. Ben Carson leaving Johns Hopkins surgery post

Be still, my heart. Dr Benjamin Carson is freeing up time and energy to pursue his passions in politics and education, retiring from surgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Could world-renowned, up-from-the mean-streets of Detroit inspirational figure be the Man on a White Horse who could rescue America from the fiscal and social death spiral the progressives have foisted upon us? The Wall Street Journal said it first: "Ben Carson for President". Dr. Carson has the potential to transform America. He is anchored in reality and common sense, and possesses an extraordinary ability to speak clearly and directly. In an interview yesterday with Neil Cavuto, Dr. Carson announced he is retiring from his surgery activities in June, though he will still teach - a much less demanding activity (neurosurgery is incredibly demanding because the procedures are not only delicate, they typically take many hours). A teaching schedule can be arranged months in advance, while surgery follows the...(Read Full Post)