Department of Homeland Stupidity: Huddle like Sheep and Die

The Department of Homeland Security just posted a video called "Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video."  Its grossly incompetent guidance on how to survive a workplace shooting underscores the Obama administration's total lack of fitness to tell citizens what kind of firearms they can own for self-protection.  We should also make sure that as many police as possible see this DHS video, which portrays law enforcement professionals as incompetent buffoons who recklessly endanger their partners and innocent bystanders. Duck and Cover versus Huddle like Sheep The DHS video takes a cue from the much-maligned "Duck and Cover" film of the Cold War era by advising people to hide under desks, which would actually be the right thing to do upon seeing the flash of a nuclear bomb.  The desk would block the bomb's heat, along with shards of imploded glass.  If you were far enough from Ground Zero that the entire building did not collapse on you, you could...(Read Full Post)