Defining Deviancy Down in Germany

Germany's equivalent of the United States Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, ruled on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, that homosexuals in civil partnerships have a right to adopt children previously adopted by the other person in the partnership in the same manner as married husbands and wives. Previously homosexuals could only legally adopt a partner's biological child. This additional legal erosion of the distinctions between families resulting from a husband-wife marriage and homosexual living arrangements has all too predictably called forth yet more demands to break down the nuclear family unit. The German Green Party youth organization (Gr├╝neJugend or GJ) immediately commented upon the court's decision with a press release posted on the organization's website. The alternative-leftwing GJ predictably welcomed the court decision with the comment that questions of adoption "should be determined through multiple sensible factors," to which "sexual orientation, however, certainly...(Read Full Post)