Climate Change in Perspective

With the fanfare of released official weather records for 2012 comes the usual claims of "warmest this" and "historic extreme that."  But, facts are stubborn things. Global temperatures have leveled off over the past 15 years, even as carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations have continued to rise.  This is a measured fact that confounds strident climate-change predictions. Why no corresponding rise of temperatures with increasing CO2?  Because other gases, vapors, and chemical/physical effects are still operating in the atmosphere to influence climate.  CO2 does not act in a vacuum. Thus, as CO2 has increased dramatically over the previous decades, substantial global temperature increases have not materialized as we were assured they would by academic, government, and political scientists.  This is in large part because of the overwhelming role water plays in regulating climate (for example, while CO2 is only at 0.04% by volume in the atmosphere, water vapor...(Read Full Post)