Chuck Hagel: Pick Your Poison

In 1998, Chuck Hagel attempted to block the appointment of James Hormel as ambassador to Luxemburg on the grounds that Hormel was "openly and aggressively gay."  Fourteen years later, on the heels of his own political appointment as DOD chief, Hagel issued an apology to Hormel, calling his own remarks "insensitive" and not reflective of his current views on LGBT issues.  Of course, the timing of Hagel's "apology" was impeccable -- one could even say expedient -- and likely done not on his own initiative, but rather at the behest of the White House.  But Hagel's sudden reversal on gay issues is but one of a number of recent Hagel retractions. At his recent confirmation hearings, Hagel reversed himself on nearly every past position he had so staunchly held.  On nuclear weapons, Hagel had co-authored an article where he advocated unilateral reduction in ground-based ICBMs and the elimination of tactical nuclear weapons.  Under intense questioning from Senator...(Read Full Post)