CAIR's Hooper: If Brennan's A Muslim, He 'Reverted'

Former Marine, FBI agent and Islamic terrorism expert John Guandolo has argued very cogently that Obama's nominee to head the CIA, John Brennan, was unsuited for the job given his willful blindness to, or frank denial of Islamic jihadism in virtually all its manifestations.  Guandolo, as part of his case against the Brennan nomination also put forth (here, here, here, and here,) the plausible hypothesis that Brennan, succumbing to an influence campaign by Saudi intelligence, converted to Islam while serving the US in Saudi Arabia. Although Guandolo has repeatedly made plain that the more dangerous aspect of Brennan's reported conversion is that it occurred as part of an overall influence operation by Saudi intelligence, the vitriolic responses to Guandolo's allegations have focused exclusively on Brennan's alleged conversion.    Interviewed by US News, Ibrahim Hooper, himself an American convert to Islam, and communications director of the Council on American Islamic...(Read Full Post)