Blue America does not Back the Blue

Oh, the irony. A few days after the Obama administration parades police officers sympathetic to their gun grab, we have the same liberals who support gun control effusively supporting a cop killer. From social media to mainstream we find those who supposedly want firearms removed from society celebrating their use when it comes to killing cops in California. From Facebook to Twitter to Chris Matthews and NBC, there comes an outpouring of understanding - even sympathy and support for a rogue cop who has murdered other cops as well as total innocents, and vowed to murder more before he was taken out by those he targeted. An obviously disturbed ex-cop and recently discharged naval reserve officer goes on a rampage of resentment with a declared intent of murdering police officers and the Blue liberals of this country align themselves with him, effectively all but saying they approve of killing serving police officers. This should really be no surprise as liberals have been supporting cop...(Read Full Post)