Beyonce's Pig Snout

So many storylines that went into the NFL championship game last night: from two brothers coaching against each other to a first year starting quarterback versus one who has been dogged by skeptics of his ability to win 'the big one,' to the 'gay bowl' (a Ravens player wanting to use his platform to advance gay marriage versus a 49ers player who doesn't think homosexual practicing men would be very welcome in an NFL locker room). But even though the game turned out to be a good one, it's hard to say that anything should have drawn more attention than the skank-fest at halftime.  Regardless of whether I'm accused of sounding like a prude, I'm a father of two little girls now, and the perspective that brings makes me not giving a flying flip about being called as much. What's amazing to me is that Beyonce was just featured in an interview with GQ Magazine (where she appeared half naked on the cover) in which she complained that men got to define what "sexy" is, going on a female...(Read Full Post)