Benghazi and Private Wars

Oh, where is our vaunted self-congratulatory media?  Download on Kindle the newly released ebook The Benghazi Report by Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb. Brandon Webb is Editor and author, distinguished and decorated Navy SEAL and former Course Manager for the Navy SEAL sniper program. Jack Murphy is an eight year veteran of Army Special Operations, sniper and team leader in the 3rd Ranger Battalion, while also Senior Weapons Sergeant on a Military Free Fall team for the 5th Special Forces Group. Unlike the usual pundits, article writers and 'journalists' these two have been there, done that. In short, these are the guys. Believe what they tell you. And they are pissed. The Benghazi Report chronicles and analyzes what really happened in Benghazi. You know, what the 'mainstream media' used to do? These two picked up the investigatory weight and carried it all the way here so we can learn the facts. Benghazi is possibly the most important story of the Obama years. I'm going to quote...(Read Full Post)