AT author's family slated for Today Show Thursday

An amazing video of his toddler son Titus shooting baskets, posted to YouTube, is igniting national media focus on Joseph Ashby's family.  They are scheduled to appear on tomorrow's edition of the Today Show. Joseph is a longtime contributor of articles and blogs, a member of the AT family, as it were. The video must be seen, for Titus demonstrates synchronization of eye, hand, arm, wrist and sheer focus that is astounding in an 18 - 24 month old. Note that the soundtrack is original, performed by Joseph. YouTube says that it has passed  800,000 viewings, and obviously it will go much higher.  Nothing is ever a certainty, but sometimes prodigies like Titus Ashby turn into genuine Mozarts in their field of genius. For example, check out this video. Best wishes to Titus and his family for his further development of all his talents, and for maintaining a balanced childhood in the face of media visibility.(Read Full Post)