After SOTU, Obama heads to Chicago to talk gun control

How is he going to spin this one? Obama's hometown has a sky-high murder rate along with some of the most draconian restrictions on owning a gun in the nation. What can he possibly say to reconcile the two? He will ignore gun control and talk about the tragedy of gun violence. Chicago Tribune: President Barack Obama will visit Chicago on Friday, when he will discuss gun violence as he focuses on his economic message from Tuesday's State of the Union address, according to the White House. Obama will "talk about the gun violence that has tragically affected too many families in communities across Chicago and across the country," a White House official said in a statement. The mother of Hadiya Pendleton, 15, whose shooting death at a South Side park drew national attention to Chicago's gun violence, plans to attend the president's address in Washington, family spokeswoman Shatira Wilks said late Sunday. The president's visit answers calls from Chicago anti-violence...(Read Full Post)