A Polish Explanation of the Italian Election

The intricacies of Italian politics have baffled the rest of the world for many centuries. Nonetheless, what's past is mere prologue, compared to the stunning near-victory of Silvio Berlusconi in last week's election. Berlusconi's career  has been, to put it politely, controversial. He has been the object of over twenty court cases, a conviction for tax evasion, several sex scandals, and innumerable accusations of fraud, media monopoly, shady political maneuvers, and pro-Mussolini remarks.  Nonetheless, he has been Prime Minister of Italy three times-for more years than any other post-WWII Italian PM. Numerous explanations and analyses of this paradox have been published but their vagueness merely reveals that the media are as bewildered as you and I about the psyche of the Italian voter. I would like to suggest that irony and cynicism may be contributing factors. Berlusconi would have been a shoo-in candidate for prime minister of the Babin Republic, a satiric realm...(Read Full Post)